While Choosing Mobile App for Field Force Automation
Field Employees are important members in an organization contributing sizable value in revenue building and increasing customer satisfaction. Employees & Teams like After Sales Service, Field Sales, Key Account Managers, Deliver Staff & Managers, Cash On Delivery Van & Staff, Payment Collection Officers, Surveyors, Inspectors, Customer On boarding staff etc fall into direct users category of Field Force Automation Software.

Why there is a need of School Management Software?
Education has moved so much faster, that what could easily be recorded on paper a few years ago has today become a mission. Technology has forced us to look at paperless and easier ways to get the tasks done and the area of education is no different. The school management software is an excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and various educational institutions.

With a proper School Management Software, everyone who are directly or indirectly related to school will get benefited. These benefits will be in the form of money, proper time and resource management. School Management Software will help in reducing redundant work and data. With less effort one can achieve more with the help of School Management Software.

School Management Software

Explore The Importance Of Web Design For Your Business

A website is essential for online marketing business in these days. The huge number of businesses is choosing web design service to achieve success in marketing. A website gives the first impression to an audience to view details of brands. Web design is used for small and large business. It is one of the ways to connect with audience easily. Highly skilled and experienced professionals are offering web design service for clients. It describes service business on the image. Developers build the website at simple web design that makes you feel on online presence. Web design is designed according to your brand and enhances visitors to your web page.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies Mumbai India

Mumbai is also called as ” City of Dreams”. It is the wealthiest city in India. Which financial industries situated like the Bombay stock market, Reserve Bank of India and National stock exchange. Coming to Business Mountains like Tata, Aditya and Reliance Industries are empowering their structure. Due to the huge demand for technology for business, there is rapid growth for mobile app development companies in Mumbai, India. Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd is your one-stop solution for world-class Android app development services and IOS App development services, which are built to your unique requirements. We are Mumbai based Mobile App Development and IOS App Development Company. Our team of mobile app developers and IOS app developers holds expertise in developing applications. We develop Android and IOS applications for all the following purposes: finance, entertainment, education, sports, social networking and many more…

Top 10 Android App Development Companies in Mumbai

Android App Development Company in Mumbai. We came across many people whom we haven’t yet met for years but still we remember them because of the many factors that we could stay in touch with them through various social media platform. Just by pinning a small message as a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ could simply help us to reconnect and build a friendly path which used to be there years ago with them. We tend to immediately build a bond with these people despite the fact that we haven’t seen or spoken to them since a long ago. That is an advantage of using an mobile app.

Android App Development Company in Mumbai

Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd Ranked Number 1 in AppFutura

AppFutura, the leading mobile app development companies in Mumbai’ rating and review website has released a list of top mobile app development companies in the India – May Edition and our work have placed Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd in the number one position. Through the list, AppFutura has compared hundreds of mobile app development companies around the globe and has shortlisted 28 agencies out of them all, from which they have ranked Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd on top. We are very hopeful that if we keep at this pace, we will soon become synonymous to the words ‘Mobile App Development’ and the world will start trusting us as a brand that converts ideas into apps that gives real value to the millions of people who get associated with it.

Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The world has gone mobile. It has become a “must have” element for any organization, regardless of its size. Undoubtedly, some organizations can concentrate on only one mobile OS (operating system) and avoid all the other ones, yet it is important for many businesses to focus on a myriad of mobile devices with various operating systems. Gone are those days when you were satisfied with only having a mobile app. Today, it is important that the app must support Android gadgets, iPads, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle, Tabs, BlackBerry, etc.

Neolite Infotech Graded Top Mobile App Development Company by TopDevelopers

TopDevelopers.co released the list of Top Mobile App Development firms recently in a Press Release for the month of June 2019, and we are one among the best 15 companies worldwide! Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Mobile Application Development Company situated in well planned Navi Mumbai City. We have all the latest technical equipment and tools installed and well-structured to match the trends to execute the technical needs of our clients more productively, specifically, and swiftly. We form different dedicated teams for every project we work on. This helps us in meeting resourceful results, delivering the projects on time and in delighting our clients. Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd is an ISO certified company. It was formed in 2013, since then we have been identified as a great team that can ably break complexities. Neolite Infotech India Pvt Ltd can offer solutions that will be helpful for the entrepreneurs in the long run, avoiding unwanted errands that may intrude their progression.


5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs a Mobile App

Gone are those days when businesses presumed that mobile apps for only for large enterprises. Today, every business needs a mobile app to connect with employees, vendors, partners and customers. A biggest advantage with a mobile app for a business is the access to real-time data from anywhere, any time. With such an option, improving the productivity and efficiency of processes, the workforce is almost certain. Mobile apps are indeed becoming table stake for small and large businesses. Some may say that their business can’t afford to have its own dedicated app, but in actuality, no company can afford to not have a mobile app. Enterprise mobility is becoming an integral part of the business. With said that, here are the top 5 reasons why every enterprise needs a mobile app.

How to find right candidates with respect to all odds

If you’re in the midst of expanding your company, then you know that building an all-star team is not easy. They must prove themselves through a strong employer brand to be the employer of choice among the pool of options available to qualified candidates. To add to the challenge, SMEs are running up against multinational corporations that have the luxury of providing higher salaries, competitive benefits, and a prestigious title. To stand a chance at recruiting top and right talent, it’s more crucial for every SME to invest effort into developing an employer brand that sets you apart from other companies. A compelling case must be made as to why applicants should choose to join your team.


8 Common Reasons Why Websites Under-perform 

Many app development companies now also develop websites and this is a welcome development but the number of websites with low conversion rate is alarming. This is why this article outlines some of the problems causing low conversion rate. So, if your website is not converting enough, some of the problems discussed below may have caused it. Go through them and discuss it with your website and app development company.

  1. Your site could be difficult to understand
  2. The content of your website lacks empathy
  3. Inadequate optimization
  4. Not mobile friendly
  5. No Chat bots
  6. No videos
  7. Poor or no sales pitch


To reach its existing and potential customers, one of the most effective and direct tools are the Apps . Each type responds to specific needs, which is why it is important to understand the differences before choosing. With this article we want to provide a complete analysis of what concerns the development of an App, in order to help you make the best choice for your business. As many of you already know, there are two systems that dominate the market: Android and iOS. The first is developed by Google and represents around 80% of the market in India; the second one is developed by Apple and constitutes about 16% of the Indian market. Two different systems represent two different consumer attitudes. For example, iOS users are generally more willing to spend money on apps and are even more demanding. For this reason, it is common to find a paid App on the App Store which is free on the Google Store. Programming languages ​​are different, they have different rules, as are the possibilities offered. Let us now try to understand the substantial differences between the three main types of App .


App Development Company in Mumbai

5 Ways How Cloud Computing is Transforming Traditional IT in 2019? 

Advanced and rapid changes in technology and software are bringing continuous changes in information technology. People prefer to use things that are more advanced now. This is the reason; every industry is adopting the latest digital technology. Regardless of the size of the business, Digital transformation can provide a lot of benefits and can increase profit ratios which makes the IT industry always profitable to use. Did you ever wonder what are the revolutionary changes that cloud computing can bring to traditional servers or information technology? Why these changes are becoming more drastic with every passing year? You don’t need to wonder about. Listed below are some of them to show the importance of cloud computing and better understanding.



Benefits of Mobile Application

These days, the large-scale mobile space is becoming more and more loaded with a wide range of smart applications and cutting-edge tools that allow making the presence active in several ways. To flourish in this powerful economic setting, it is most vital for businesses to climb on to the bandwagon and establish a speedy rate of knots and well-efficient multi-channel challenges for their consumers and staffs in a similar way. Mobile apps are an amazing way to extend prospective consumers. You can augment the experience of your clients by creating a flawless mobile app. The addition of mobile applications and other related segments have praised the benefits which are introduced by social platforms and offer affordable modes of mentioning the needs of the mobile-savvy invention of these days.


Importance of real-time features in the success of your mobile app 

In the era of the Technological advancement, there is only a single differentiator in terms of interaction between the target group and i.e. Real time features in the Mobile app. The real time features gives an extra dimension to the features of the mobile apps. Google Maps, live streaming videos, UberOla live tracking features have a significant importance in mobile apps. Significance of real-time features is as follows – 1. Real-time messaging 2. Real-time messaging in healthcare 3. Real-time messaging in on-demand taxi apps 4. Real-time messages in on-demand delivery applications 5. IoT Devices 6. In Healthcare segment 7. Location Tracking 8. Push Notification

Why does your restaurantneeds a mobile app?

Isn’t it amazing that the average Indian consumer exceeds 5 to 7 hrs on their mobile devices every day?  In fact, during the last year, this amount has increased by 69% and it is expected to continue to grow as more useful mobile apps appear on the market. Five percent of the five hours a consumer spends on their mobile devices each day they are using shopping apps including restaurant apps.  Use of restaurant apps by consumers is expected to continue to grow as more and more restaurant owners start to understand the benefits of having custom apps for their restaurants. There is a multitude of reasons why your restaurant can benefit from having a customized app. We have boiled it down to a few of the most important reasons. Restaurant apps serve many functions as they can provide news feeds, offers, promo codes, loyalty programs, prices, search features, user accounts, etc.  One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers – including special sales and promotions – is right at their fingertips

Restaurant App Development Company in Mumbai

How mobile apps are incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning today? 

Machine Learning, AI and neural networks have so much to offer, with their idiosyncrasies in features that top AI companies need to figure out best deals from the roaster of offerings. As technology seeps into our daily lives, it affects the way we live, work, get entertained, eat, search, and do various other things. It has elevated from voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa to more complex underlying technologies involving suggestive searches, behavioral algorithms, applications with predictive capabilities, autonomously-powered self-driving vehicles, and many more general-purpose applications like Tesla, Cogito, Boxever, John Paul, Amazon.com, Netflix, Pandora, Nest, etc. A true-artificial intelligent system is capable of learning on its own. These are from the likes of neural networks like Google’s Deep-Mind capable of making connections and reach meanings without relying on pre-defined behavioral algorithms. Implementation of AI into mobile applications can improve past iterations, letting users get smarter, becoming more aware, and allowing to enhance its capabilities and its knowledge.


Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of Mobile Apps

The introduction of mobile app development has made a revolutionary impact on almost all domains. Mobile apps have become the primary source for anything you need or want in today’s era. It has been stated that people who use smartphones tend to use around 30 apps in a month. It can be varied depending on the genre or type of application the user likes to use. Application has made their way in almost every business out there. It also offered many opportunities for businesses to expand their growth and market. This technology possesses better services with high revenue potential. You need not worry about the mobile app development cost. You can get an estimate using the app cost calculator by listing out the primary features of your application. We have listed here some of the reasons for the immense popularity of mobile apps in the market.


Big Data and Its Impact On Business and Mobile Apps

According to the latest reports by various marketing agency, it is estimated that by the year 2021, the population of smartphones user will rise to about 3.8 billion. This enormous growth of smartphone users has resulted in a hike in mobile app development industries. From a small scale start-up to well-settled businesses, every business owner is looking forward to developing a mobile app that can meet customer requirements, to increase the business. Gone were the days when mobile phones were used just for calling and messaging. In the era of the smartphone, mobile apps have enhanced the lives of humans. This digital era is helping start-ups, freelancers, and enterprises to manage and run their business easily, just with the help of a mobile app. Since, as the user experience is the most important aspect of mobile app development, many big enterprises and small start-ups are stuck with the question that “how to build an app with the most flexible user experience that can meet the requirements of users across the globe?”

How to increase usability of your apps – a UX approach.

App Stores are plagiarized with “download-oriented” and monetization-first apps. Everybody wants to go viral. This has caused an ignorance form the businesses and app owners by putting their requirements in front of the designers & developers first. It is not just them but as makers of such apps, its fault to, as we inherited the idea — Client First or Client knows best.But this is not the case anymore. Users are now giving strong feed-backs (literally uninstalling apps) and/or sharing their thoughts on social medias.  Which being something can make or break the brand, costing you time money and efforts. Hence users > clients/businesses . By doing so, you tend make yourself available for the market’s demand and people have always loved a brand that customizes for them, rather gives them option to choose from. Sometimes this won’t be the cases for some niches.