With the sizable increase in Smartphone users and people getting more used to mobile apps, Field Force Automation Mobile Applications need has increased from few hundred users in the Year 2012-13 to Few Lac users in Year 2016-17.

Field Employees are important members in an organization contributing sizable value in revenue building and increasing customer satisfaction. Employees & Teams like After Sales Service, Field Sales, Key Account Managers, Deliver Staff & Managers, Cash On Delivery Van & Staff, Payment Collection Officers, Surveyors, Inspectors, Customer On boarding staff etc fall into direct users category of Field Force Automation Software.

There are lot many indirect users like distributors, Channel Partners, Retailers, Dealers & customers, service centers, service partners, vendors & suppliers etc.

As per survey it is said that every 4th sales transaction in India will be made on mobile app by end of year 2020 that is an eye opening number.
Need of Field Force Automation Application:

Following are the important reasons why organizations need Field Force Automation System

  1. Lost Opportunities
  2. Poor Prioritization
  3. Lack of Forecasting & Intelligence
  4. Employee Accountability
  5. Collaboration & Data Sharing

6.Quick Decision Making

7.Quick Customer query resolution & Satisfaction

Though there are lot many options available in the market, following points must be considered while deciding for implementation of FFA system:

Choose a product: Its always better to choose a product which is tried, tested & implemented for various organizations in spite of creating some application from scratch.

SAAS or In-house: Depending on size of organization one can choose whether to go for SAAS based or In house app as there are various pros & cons in doing it. In House App requires lot of resources for development as well as maintenance so It is always a better choice to implement it on Hosted Cloud server either on own or vendor side.

Industry Specific App or Generic: There are lot many vendors providing generic app which works across the industry verticals like FMCG, White Goods, Manufacturing, Service Based Organization, BFSI, Retail, Aerospace, Government Organizations etc.

But it is always better to choose industry specific application, which understands the functional need of the industry.

Which Technology? There are mainly 2 types of apps i.e. Native(Developed on Native Technology like Android or iOS) & Cross platform (like phonegapp, Angular JS etc), it is always better to go for Native Mobile Application as it gives better user experience and supports almost all the devices. For web app it is better to choose apps developed on freeware like Java, PHP etc as cost of development and maintenance is less and no licensing required for development.

Implementation & Support: It is also a very critical aspect and decision point while choosing FFA solution, choose a app with state of art ticket engine & defined implementation process

User experience: Even if the solution is having great features but if it is not easy to use for end users then there are high chances of failure of app. Choose easy to use app considering end user using the app.

Choosing a Field Force Automation Solution is critical as once the solution is adopted it affects the core activity of businesses. So take a time, do comparisons and choose best FFA for your business.

For more help email on sales@fieldmi.com or info@neolite.in