If you’re in the midst of expanding your company, then you know that building an all-star team is not easy. They must prove themselves through a strong employer brand to be the employer of choice among the pool of options available to qualified candidates. To add to the challenge, SMEs are running up against multinational corporations that have the luxury of providing higher salaries, competitive benefits, and a prestigious title. 

To stand a chance at recruiting top and right talent, it’s more crucial for every SME to invest effort into developing an employer brand that sets you apart from other companies. A compelling case must be made as to why applicants should choose to join your team. With modern technology and an amazing team by your side, you don’t need a big budget to do so – all it takes is a little thought and creativity. As of interview with the “Board Infinity

Akshay Gupta of Neolite Infotech says “As an HR for a startup company we go through a lot of challenges. Sometimes candidates expect very high salary without understanding the role they are offered and remain satisfied with the salary. Finding the right talent is difficult as skill sets doesn’t not match the requirements. We are a startup IT outsourcing company providing world class products and services to customers globally. We look for people having core competencies in Customized Solutions & Software Development, Product Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Based Solutions, Web Application Development and many more. Our hiring needs are fulfilled through job portals like indeed.com and asaanjobs.com or through posts in Facebook. In order to skill up freshers we provide them with trainings too. As we are still growing we are looking for experienced individuals to work with us. We will soon be opening our hiring for freshers too”.